New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NJAFED)
a not for profit organization

Organization History

The New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors (NJAFED) is a not for profit organization that utilizes its fund raisings towards further educating and lobbying to improve the economic environment, business performance, and technical competence in the fire protection and fire safety industry. The overall mission is to assure that, through efforts in educating its members and the general public, New Jersey becomes and remains a safe place to work and raise a family. NJAFED began in 1987, and has had a wide variety of president and board members since then, all committed to bringing knowledge to the fire protection industry and to the public.

Mission Statement

The mission of NJAFED (New Jersey Association of Fire Equipment Distributors) is to continuosly enhance fire safety in New Jersey. This is accomplished by disseminating information and knowledge to the public and by improving the technical competency of its members.

Past Presidents Include

Jersey Coast Fire Equipment

Albert Fecci from Jersey Coast Fire Equipment

Approved Fire Protection Sys. Inc.

Diane Pein from Approved Fire Protection Sys. Inc.

Allied Fire & Safety

James Newell from Allied Fire & Safety

Atlas Fire

Holly Rulon from Atlas Fire

Kidde Sales & Services

Dewey Bratton from Kidde Sales & Services

City Fire

Paul McGrath from City Fire

Northern Fire

Larry Weissman from Northern Fire

Northern Fire

Scott Nichols from Northern Fire

Associated Fire Protection

Roland Straten from Associated Fire Protection

Meeting Information

Meetings are held three times a year - a smaller scale meetings in the fall and winter, and a full day meeting in the summer. Major points discussed at meetings include licensing and the ever changing industry surrounding it, training, legislation issues, insurance, safety, and anything else affecting the fire protection industry.

Current membership extends not only to members from NJ, but also to members from neighboring states - New York, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. NJAFED's member list is over 75, and growing strong - please click here to join the growing member base of this organization - you can make a difference - NJAFED can help!